Salesforce.com Leads Gartner’s 2013 CRM Customer Engagement Center Magic Quadrant

Back in May, leading industry analyst Gartner revealed its all new 2013 CRM customer engagement center Magic Quadrant, serving as a goldmine of vital information for players in the space to absorb and apply to their CRM strategies. The document details how social media engagement, coupled with CRM software, is evolving the traditional contact center into a customer engagement center.

The document also details the key components of a reliable CRM customer engagement center (CEC), including:

  • Social media engagement for customer service
  • In-line support of mobile consumers
  • Real-time feedback and surveys
  • The ability for the agent to support the customer anywhere and at anytime (i.e. on a website, mobile device, at a kiosk, in a vehicle, on Facebook or Twitter)

Furthermore, critical, must-have elements for ensuring a first-rate CEC must:

  • Send out proactive alerts
  • Contain business rules for complex entities, such as contact, enterprise, subsidiary or partner
  • Be available as a subscription service in a cloud-architected model for all relevant industries

Salesforce.com, the world’s largest CRM partner and the platform in which Vocalcom’s core products are natively integrated, was identified as a Magic Quadrant leader. Gartner reports that last year, Salesforce.com’s revenue increased by 37 percent and exceeded $2.25 billion. With 60 percent of the company’s new revenue estimated to have been derived from the Service Cloud line, salesforce.com has become the leading vendor considering sales volume.

Major strengths of the salesforce.com product for customer service include: excellent graphic user interface (GUI); simple design tools; intuitive navigation; and a good understanding of the importance of Web communities.

To check out Gartner’s 2013 CRM customer engagement center Magic Quadrant in full, click here.

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