Salesforce.com Looks to Help Mobile App Developers, Doubles Mobile Packs

Designing mobile applications is a difficult task to jump into headfirst. For some more design-challenged developers, there can be a plethora of roadblocks and potholes in the road up ahead – the kind they’d much rather see when looking in the rearview mirror.

Spotting an area for further improvement and growth, the world’s largest customer relationship management (CRM) partner recently revealed that it is expanding its mobile application development toolset to provide these “design-challenged developers” with enhanced support for creating mobile applications faster. In fact, Salesforce.com will be reportedly doubling the amount of mobile packs it will be offering developers, complete with 20 open-source HTML5 and CSS-based templates that will help them in the process.

Adam Seligman, vice president of developer relations, Salesforce.com platform, says that this new reveal will better arm mobile app developers against the many “micro-moments” that can happen when people interact with their mobile devices each and every day.

“The thing our developers are trying to do is not take massive, legacy applications and make them available in the cloud,” tech news outlet PCWorld recently reported Seligman as saying. “They’re trying to get to what their customer wants to do,” namely “super-fast,” relevant and contextual business activities, he added.

So far this year, Salesforce.com has revealed support for access to its application programming interfaces (APIs) from several JavaScript frameworks, and on July 30, the company revealed API support for four more frameworks – Knockout.js, Appery.io, Sencha Touch and Xamarin.

Seligman seems to have only one goal in mind: Making this venture “super, super successful.”

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