Save an Average Two Hours of Downtime with a Cloud Contact Center

Those in the contact center space have heard a lot about the benefits of moving to the cloud; however, for those who are still waiting to make the leap, it would be wise to take a look at some of the unexpected benefits.


There is always concern about the technical adjustments that come with learning about any new storage and computing method. When a company decides to utilize a cloud contact center, it is inevitably able to manage all of its internal and external communications both more easily and instantly. And because of the expansive capacity of a cloud service’s remote servers, flexibility and adaptability become synonymous with the cloud experience.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing is often explained as a great way to have instant access to your information at all times. What many contact center managers don’t realize, though, is that the cloud offers instant access – even when you may think that a disaster has wiped out your data. It’s all waiting for you on the cloud.

In fact, businesses that use the cloud have been able to resolve recovery issues in an average of 2.1 hours, which is almost four times faster than businesses that don’t utilize the cloud.

Friendly to the Environment

Salesforce.com is one company that has gone green with a move to the cloud. Its carbon calculator, for instance, helps other businesses learn about how they can reduce their carbon emissions by making the this important transition.

Any business using cloud computing can do away with the great amount of server space that it previously needed, which helps decrease its carbon footprint. By relying on the cloud, companies consume at least 30 percent less energy and emit 30 percent less carbon.

These are just a few of the less-known facts about cloud computing. Which reason have you found most compelling in making the move?

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