Saving Money with Hermes Cloud

Everyone is talking about the cloud and what it can do for businesses that need to stay connected and remain active and engaged. It’s hard to imagine an industry that can benefit more from the cloud than contact centers.We know you’re always striving to improve your call center – whether it’s strengthening your service strategy, honing your first call resolution initiative or making the most of your multi-channel service method. But have you ever thought about utilizing the cloud?Consider the benefits of our signature call center software –Hermes Cloud – as a testament to the kinds of business benefits you could start realizing now:

  • 32 percent increase in close rates
  • 74 percent improvement in contact rates
  • 55 percent bump in agent productivity
  • 78 percent uptick in customer engagement & loyalty

With Hermes Cloud, call center agents are able to work together to respond quickly, ultimately forming the most productive team possible. Not only will you see happier customers as a result, but you’ll see downtime drop to an all-time low as business productivity and efficiency becomes maximized.Connectivity, helpfulness and quick response times are the cornerstones of any effective contact center. To learn more about Hermes Cloud, click here.

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