Simple Holiday Mobile Engagement Ideas For Every Call Center

Black Friday – otherwise known as the Holy Grail of holiday shopping – is in less than one month, and there are barely two months until Dec. 25. This holiday season is slated to be one of the shortest thanks to the time of the year with which Thanksgiving falls, putting a major squeeze on retailers and service facilities worldwide – and, of course, positioning mobile interaction to be at an all-time high this year. Give your customers what they want this holiday season—exceptional mobile service experiences.

Here are four ideas you can apply from companies who are excelling at mobile engagement:

  • Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tablet includes a customer service call button called “Mayday” that directly connects customers to a live video rep. With all of the hours your customers will be spending shopping for the perfect gift or dinner item, a direct service call button will be greatly appreciated.
  • Netflix’s customer service reps make every caller feel special by letting them know they’ve reached a high-level decision-maker (i.e. Captain Mike) on “the good ship Netflix.” How special do you think your customers would feel if they know they reached “Holiday Central” or the “Inventory Specialist?”
  • With Target’s iPhone app, customers can search for gift ideas and then purchase the item they choose from their phone. You could make their job a lot easier this year by e-mailing them “five great gift ideas” based on their family profile, their geographic location and their lifestyle.
  • American Airlines’ mobile app prompts preferred travelers with alternative flight ideas. If your customers are trying to purchase items that are out of stock, perhaps you could make alternative suggestions, providing an online chat or video call button within easy reach. 

This holiday season, you can help your customers quickly and easily navigate their “to do” list with the tools made available in your virtual call center. A virtual call center solution can be cloud-based or on-premise, offering all-in-one multi-channel capability coupled with the simplicity of a universal interface.

A virtual call center maximizes agent productivity, with some companies seeing gains of up to 300 percent. The more productive your agents are, the more productive your customers will be and, during the holidays, that’s something they will definitely appreciate.  

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