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in·tu·i·tive. Adjective. Having the ability to know or understand things without any proof or evidence (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

When looking at ways to optimize performance and reduce call time in the contact center, one word that constantly comes up is “intuitive.” As in, “How can I make this technology more intuitive for my agents so that they can resolve problems faster, close sales more quickly and lower my cost per call?”

The answer is an all-in-one solution by Vocalcom, embedded with Salesforce. By funneling all channel interactions into one single screen, your reps will have a 360-degree view of the customer or prospect’s history. Which agent did they talk with last? How much time has lapsed since that conversation? How far did he or she move the prospect along in the sales funnel? What questions did the prospect have and how did the agent answer them? Was the prospect satisfied with the responses?

Having all this information at an employee’s fingertips, the agent will intuitively know where to pick up the conversation. With our all-in-one unified cloud contact center solution in Salesforce, you can intuitively prompt the agent with what to say next. Everything will feel innate for your agents; it will be so easy that everything is brought right to their fingertips. Your reps will even be able to switch channels without having to change screens or put customers on hold to wait for a new program to launch.

By integrating voice interactions within Salesforce, prospects won’t be kept waiting. Thanks to seamless interactions and tailored marketing messages, you’ll be able to maximize both the efficiency and effectiveness of your call center, resulting in increased sales and lower operating costs.

And, with a cloud-based solution that works in real-time, you can monitor all your agents’ actions simultaneously, no matter where they are or happen to be working.  Provide instant feedback, impact sales outcomes and see customer satisfaction skyrocket. It’s really as simple as that.

Now, if only rush hour traffic was that intuitive…

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