Simplify optimizes the patient journey for scheduling medical appointments thanks to Vocalcom cloud contact center solutions

Vocalcom cloud contact center technology allows Simplify to deploy a single tool standardized across all of its contact center platforms to gain agility, ensure optimal service quality for its customers and the patients, and facilitate remote working for its agents.

Simplify, a service provider for health professionals, has been relying for years on Vocalcom, the global leader in customer experience and cloud contact center solutions, to optimize the inbound call management of its contact centers dedicated to scheduling medical appointments for health establishments.

Specialized in the scheduling of appointments and the data input of medical reports in real time for clinics and hospitals, Simplify has contact centers in France, Tunisia, Morocco, and Madagascar and counts among its customers more than 500 French, as well as Swiss and Belgian, public and private health establishments. Simplify agents manage more than 400,000 phone calls per month, from their contact centers or with agents working remotely in different countries – a company strategy since the start of the business.In the past, Simplify used an external service provider to manage its inbound calls. The company decided to internalize its management in France and abroad, and to equip itself with an intuitive, stable, and flexible solution available in the cloud in order to meet the needs of its customers and the changes in the industry. After carrying out a market analysis, Simplify turned to Vocalcom which thereby deployed its cloud solution for the management of the company’s contact centers.

Cloud deployment on multiple sites and for work from home (WHM) model to gain flexibility and agility

Available in the cloud, the Vocalcom solution was operational and quick to deploy within the different Simplify contact centers, while also allowing the company to further develop a remote working model for its most experienced and autonomous agents. Everyone uses a standardized tool with the same features, regardless of their location, in order to meet the changes in working modes. The choice of cloud also adheres to a quality approach. Thanks to the Vocalcom solution, Simplify can easily adjust its resources according to its customers’ needs, by rapidly recruiting experts in different countries.

We decided from the start to choose a solution available in the cloud. A choice which turned out to be particularly wise during the confinement, a period during which Vocalcom knew how to assist us by proposing appropriate solutions that responded to the new constraints of our customers arising from the crisis. This allowed our agents to work remotely in an optimal manner and our managers to guarantee a level of quality service in all of our contact centers. Moreover, we intend to pursue the development of remote working, a desire made possible thanks to the agility offered by the Vocalcom cloud solution

Nicolas Broussard

President of Simplify

The contact center, an essential element for a quality patient experience

Simplify’s operations are firmly centered on the human element, and all of its agents have medical training that allows them to counsel and guide patients during their often complex medical journey. Particularly easy to use and intuitive, the Vocalcom contact center solution requires little training time, which is an important advantage for Simplify. Agents are in fact quickly operational and may concentrate on the core of their work, by guiding each patient in the steps of scheduling an appointment (prescription management, follow-up for specific requests, medical imaging…).

Vocalcom brought a solid response to our needs in order to manage the volume of appointment requests in an efficient, quick, and qualitative manner. The simplicity of the solution as well as its flexibility and stability allow us to pay the necessary attention expected by the patients for their appointment scheduling, while optimizing agent productivity,

Nicolas Broussard

President of Simplify

Real-time management to adapt to business needs

The Vocalcom solution offers Simplify numerous essential indicators for its work (number of received and handled calls, recording of conversations with patients, average waiting time…) that reflects the quality of the service rendered. They allow the company, via a reporting tool more advanced than many of the other solutions on the market, to provide its different customers precise activity reports and trend analyses in order to adjust resources for adapting quickly to business volume. Furthermore, it has a real-time supervision feature allowing managers to oversee the performances of their contact centers and agents, in order to be able to coach them to improve the quality of their conversations with patients and increase customer satisfaction.

At Vocalcom, our role is particularly to help customers optimize the management of customer service centers by providing them solutions that allow their agents to work the most simply and efficiently possible, and in all circumstances. Simplify’s operations are essential and help the smooth functioning of our health system. We are thrilled to support this company for many years now and, thanks to our cloud solution, to help them guarantee the stability and flexibility of their contact centers.

Carlo Costanzia

CEO and President of Vocalcom

About Simplify

Active for 17 years in the medical sector, SIMPLIFY managed to position itself as a vital player alongside health professionals thanks to its innovative solutions for medical administration management, report recording, and medical correspondence management. SIMPLIFY employs 250 associates.

About Vocalcom

Created in 1995, Vocalcom is the global leader in customer experience and omnichannel contact center solutions in the Cloud for customer service, sales, and marketing. The company offers all-in-one solutions that are flexible, personalized, and intuitive in the Cloud or on-premise. They cater to companies of all sizes that wish to accelerate their digital transformation by modernizing their contact centers and optimizing the digital experience of their customers. Vocalcom has a strong global presence with 16 offices on 4 continents, and counts more than 1 400 company customers in 47 countries around the world. 

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