Small Companies Turn to Call Center Solution Partners to Help with TCPA

It’s been nearly 30 days since the updated Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) went into effect (on October 16th). By now, most medium to large companies have shored up their permission language, with business rules already being out in the market for following the guidelines for turning prospects into customers. Many smaller companies, however, are still struggling to find the resources they need to move forward.

Many small businesses believe that they can go it alone – that is, until they see what’s involved in remaining competitive. Small companies are particularly vulnerable to making mistakes because they don’t have the budget to maintain everything in-house. Keeping data up to date in real time; reaching out to customers with the right language through the right channel at the right time; having a legal view of requests before they go out; analyzing all incoming data for insight and opportunities; and then getting back out there in a timely fashion before the relationship goes cold are all daunting tasks.

That’s why more small companies today are turning to their telemarketing solution partner for help with TCPA. For companies with limited budgets, telemarketing software firms can:

  • Stay on top of the latest legislation updates
  • Manage the permission database
  • Provide sales reps with the proper scripting information and align automatic dialers with the appropriate business rules
  • Offer multiple alternative ways to reach out to non-permissioned customers and prospects
  • Increase call volume and maximize cost per call

Additionally, advanced telemarketing software will update systems in real time so that small business owners and decision makers will always know where their customers stand on use of mobile and social media, among other channels. Empowered by the best telemarketing software, when it comes to managing TCPA and other telesales legislation, small companies are not so small after all. 

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