Smartphone Adoption Climbs Higher Throughout Second Half of 2013

Industry analyst IDC recently discovered that smartphone shipments are expected to grow by as much as 32.7 percent. In fact, IDC’s findings also show that smartphone shipments have actually risen above feature phone preferences.

Ramon Llamas, ICD’s Mobiles Phones program Research Manager, shares that “2013 will mark a watershed year for smartphones.” Llamas adds that many competing vendors have transitioned their offerings and product portfolios to focus on smartphones, as well as have made the smartphone a “primary value proposition” moving forward.

So…what does this mean in terms of call center software? It means that organizations that utilize hardware and programs that cater to smartphone technology will be set up for success.

Mobile sites are a simple yet effective tool that smartphone users definitely appreciate. According to Google, almost 50 percent of consumers who encounter a site that isn’t designed to be featured on a mobile phone experience frustration or irritation. Companies that not only embrace but cater to this mobile revolution will be able to more strategically and successfully use smartphones to assist in customer service and other important business practices.

Call center software that’s equipped to handle some of the difficulties that smartphones might present is also important to have. For instance, consider if the software you’re ready to deploy comes with full mobile customer service support. While it’s crucial for companies to have frequently asked questions (FAQs) and information posted in a convenient location – such as on the website – digital call center software also plays a role in staying ahead of the curve. Digital call centers are an excellent source that can help meet the needs that smartphones bring to the table. With information always available in the palm of someone’s hand, one never knows when a question that can’t be answered in an FAQ section can be answered online.

Digital call centers enable companies to provide more support and personal communication with clients that’s not restrained by set business hours or one specific geographic location. Are you ready to embrace the new wave of smartphone use?

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