Social Customers Want Service Even Faster – Can You Keep Up?

We all know that customers want excellent service and they want to be serviced faster, but new research via an infographic from Ambassador shows that customers want the service cycle to be completed within only five minutes of reaching out to a company, and if about half (48 percent) don’t receive assistance in the time that is expected, they will simply abandon the company altogether.

And the statistics just keep coming. Over half of all social users will engage with brands several times a month, while 9 percent will engage with a brand on a daily basis. Even more, 42 percent of Twitter users expect a company to respond to their inquiry within just one hour, and 71 percent of 16- to 64-year olds turn to the Internet to find solutions when they experience difficulty with a product.

After you’ve taken all of this into consideration, you should then ask yourself how your call center’s existing software is currently holding up. How is your existing technology meeting the expectations of your customers as they navigate through today’s digital world? Can you manage all calls, e-mail and chat interactions through one single user interface? Are you currently able to accommodate every preferred customer communication channel?

Today, word of mouth can either be leveraged for greater revenue and customer service opportunities or to spark the downfall of your brand. Vocalcom’s award-winning multi-channel, cloud contact center software supports the queuing of any mention of a verbal string to help further strengthen existing customer relationships or to help turnaround floundering ones. For example, if a customer tweets “I was upset with my @Vocalcom service,” our software can queue the customer based on the fact that he or she mentioned our Twitter account.

Seventy percent of those assisted or serviced via social customer service return as a customer in the future. Click here to learn more about the social support that Vocalcom’s cloud contact center software provides.

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