Social Media Influences Lead Generation by 21 Percent

As we all should be well aware of, effective customer service is no longer limited to phone calls. When it comes to using call center solutions that will not just be effective but profitable, companies should take a good hard look at the role that social media is playing in terms of customer service and call center applications. For example, while SEO is credited for influencing 59 percent of lead generation goals, marketers are increasingly realizing the strong role social media is playing, with an influence of 21 percent.

It’s incredibly important to act and respond to customers who are using social media so that their customer service needs addressed. What are some steps companies can take to help leverage social media to their advantage?

Listen to social media channels

Between mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus, there are many different social media channels that businesses should monitor and be aware of. Listening to what clients are saying is the first step to addressing their concerns and meeting their customer service needs.

Leverage social media to your advantage

Whether a customer is reaching out with a complaint or praise, it’s important to respond. Using social media to respond and intervene can help diffuse a volatile situation or draw attention to a positive comment.

Be proactive

Being proactive in communication on social media is key as well. Whether it be a follow up phone call or continued communication via social media outlets, it’s important that a customer feels taken care of and isn’t ignored.

Looking for a simple and straightforward way to branch out when it comes to call center solutions? Social media can be a key stepping stone in this endeavor.

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