Social Media is Here to Stay-Do You Have A Big Enough Footprint?

Social media is no longer just for college students to post pictures of their university’s homecoming parade or for young professionals to share pictures of the trendy new dish they just cooked, and it hasn’t been for a while. There is always talk of social media finally outliving its usefulness, but it simply isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. How is your company embracing it?

Businesses and customers live on the Internet and thrive because of it. In fact, 27 percent of the U.S.’s Internet time is spent on some social networking site, and social media produces twice the marketing leads that are generated by traditional outlets, such as trade shows or telemarketing.

This social media approach can also be integrated into your call center to improve the productivity of your staff. By integrating social call center software, your company can embrace two distinct competitive advantages:

  1. Social media encourages interdepartmental collaboration and communications.
  2. Social media creates an employee bridge to the world outside the company.

If an employee so much as “likes” their company’s Facebook page, he or she can become a brand ambassador. It is then possible for all of the employee’s online friends to see and read about the brand, possibly leading to more “likes” and hopefully becoming long-term customers. This visibility translates directly to website traffic, as companies with more than 1,000 Facebook ‘likes’ receive over 1,300 website visitors daily.

The key is to diversify in a way that is unified. Develop a social media roadmap, laying out clear goals and traffic patterns that all lead home. Social media is a powerful tool that can engage prospects that might not have been reached otherwise. 

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