Stellar Customer Service Needs to Include Mobile Customers

Today, call center managers can’t help but notice how customers are becoming increasingly self-sufficient. In fact, they are 50 percent more so this year than last, thanks to mobile devices and apps that empower customers to manage accounts and make anytime, anywhere decisions. However, that need to immediately handle business on-the-go is stirring demand for service excellence, particularly among self-serve options, according to the latest Zendesk Benchmark Study.  

With this growing trend, call center managers simply can’t afford to run the risk of not securing robust mobile customer service for their call center software. Today, all it takes is the push of a mobile app button to be connected to a live agent. Offering this service would provide your customers with the immediate and excellent service they desire. Additionally, mobile software links the contact center rep with valuable information, like a customer’s location, preferences, status and customer history, creating a 360-degree view that allows for a completely personalized service experience.

Online customer satisfaction in the U.S. rose 2 percentage points – to 82 percent this year – while the education industry ranked first for customers who are most satisfied with online service. IT, real estate, government and Web hosting rounded out the top five categories.

Worried that your industry didn’t make the above top five list? If you’re looking to heighten overall customer satisfaction, then you need to consider offering mobile customer service. Consider that 81 percent of all smartphone users spend time browsing the Internet. Additionally, research shows that 70 percent of smartphone owners use their device while in a store, and 74 percent make a purchase based on a smartphone search. Clearly, even in fields with high marks, customer service can be greatly improved with a mobile service offering.    

Mobile call center software can help managers keep up with their fast-paced, tech-savvy audience and provide the highest level of customer service excellence. Are you ready to go mobile? Your customers already are.

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