Stimulating Your Visual Customers with Video Chat

As electronics and instant information become more deeply integrated into consumers’ lives, it is the responsibility of any enterprise that utilizes call center software to keep up. In order to stay relevant and in-touch with the evolving needs of the customer, it is important to realize what the customer wants. These wants are beginning to lean towards the preference of a personalized visual interaction.

Research continues to show the promise of video chat services in customer service fields within the call center. For example, within the marketing realm alone, 40 percent of people are more receptive to visuals than text. Not only does a growing base prefer this, but the ability to process visual information happens on a much faster scale than processing text. In a society where the average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to eight in the past 12 years, the more information that can quickly be communicated, the better. Customers don’t want to be put on hold, they want instant gratification.

The good news for call centers is that there is no reason that this can’t be adopted into the software that is used. With the widespread adoption of fast mobile Internet, the implementation of live video chatting with customers is a viable business decision.

The benefits of giving electronic shoppers the option of video chatting are enormous. Opening up the opportunity of a literal conversation gives the customer a more personal experience, the possibility of immediate gratification and can instill buyer-confidence by dealing directly with an agent. The benefits of these software improvements are easily measureable for the enterprise, typically giving business a 20 percent boost in conversions and a 35 percent increase in average order values.

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