Supercharge Sales and Satisfaction with a CRM Solution

In the age of omnichannel business practices, companies may struggle to effectively manage the copious amounts of data they obtain from their customers, from personal contact information to customer service interaction records to sales history. Consequently, many now find it essential to adopt a CRM solution to manage customer data effectively across departments, drive sales, and deliver greater customer service through streamlined processes. So just how can a CRM achieve these results?First of all, a CRM solution empowers contact center agents to deliver faster, more efficient service by giving them quick and easy access to customer service cases through a centralized database. Agents may track and record the progress of open service cases and transfer them to other agents who are better equipped to provide a resolution whenever necessary. The solution also allows employees across departments to access customer information, therefore eliminating the need to ask customers to repeat information. Streamlined data management therefore fosters greater customer satisfaction and eventually, brand loyalty. Furthermore, agents are better able to communicate with other colleagues through the platform, syncing calendars in applications such as Outlook or Google, engaging in chats regarding customer and brand developments, and enabling status updates on customer cases involving multiple agents.A CRM solution is further capable of managing customer feedback. While many brands send post-contact feedback surveys following sales and service interactions, less structured and more informal customer comments are equally important to enhancing the customer experience. A CRM database enables recording and analyzing feedback customers may give to sales or customer service representatives regarding products, services, or any other aspects of a brand. Such informal feedback is vital to understanding customer needs and preferences and ultimately delivering better products and services through an optimized customer experience.In addition to customer service management, a CRM solution provides myriad benefits for the sales process. For example, the centralization of customer information enables all sales employees to view customers’ sales history, preferences, and habits in one unified place. Agents may interact with and manage current customers by handling pre-sales queries, accessing transaction history, processing orders, issuing credits or checking warranties, and handling post-sales services. A CRM database can similarly provide valuable marketing opportunities, as a centralized platform helps marketing managers better understand customer needs based on purchase history to create targeted marketing campaigns. Agents may engage in cross-selling, as valuable information regarding customers’ buying habits and preferences provide ideal opportunities for offering additional products or services of interest. They may also group customers by purchase preferences and eventually track the progress of marketing campaigns within the CRM database, gaining the loyalty of current customers while attracting new ones through strong lead management.A CRM software solution is ideal for supercharging sales and customer satisfaction, as streamlined processes and optimal customer data management make it possible to run a contact center with maximum efficiency. Learn about the Vocalcom native contact center solution in Salesforce, the leading global CRM solutions provider.

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