Supercharged Sales and Efficiency with a Predictive Dialer

In a contact center, time is of the essence. Agents need to reach out to customers with great efficiency and yet make each interaction a quality one which makes the customer happy and loyal to the brand. Specifically, agents in charge of sales who routinely place outbound calls while pursuing leads need to make sure they are reaching the right customers at the right times. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that up to half of all consumers hang up when there is a delay or pause from an unknown number, resulting in countless missed opportunities for sales. With a predictive dialing solution, agents can maximize their productivity and drive sales with optimum efficiency.Maximize agent productivity. A predictive dialer uses a complex set of algorithms to dial phone numbers at optimized times while automatically filtering out answering and fax machines, busy signals, and disconnected calls to enable live calls as quickly as possible. This means that agents do not need to constantly consult phone number lists and manually dial customers, and agents will experience less idle time as the dialer will be able to determine the best times to call and predict when a current call will be finished while already dialing the next number. By bypassing disconnected or unavailable phone lines as well as machines, agents will always be connected quickly to the right customers-those who are most likely to welcome such calls-at the right times.Enable stronger lead management. Predictive dialers that incorporate lead management software can effectively organize lead data, sales information, customer history, and customer contact information and automatically feed this data to agents. Such software may also feature call logging, callback rules, call recording, and other automated processes which can save agents’ time and free them to focus on connecting to the biggest leads and closing sales quickly and efficiently. Prime call times are automatically determined, and predictive dialing software can further filter out any “do not call” numbers, fax lines, or answering machines to guarantee direct access to the right customers at the right times.Supercharge sales. A predictive dialer greatly reduces operational costs as fewer outbound calls need to be placed, and fewer agents are needed to handle these calls. Furthermore, these smarter calls-coupled with efficient agents and willing customers-can lead to doubled sales. The right customers who are most receptive to purchase are automatically contacted, dead time for contact center agents is eliminated, and abandonment rates dramatically decrease. This means that a predictive dialer can deliver swift ROI with ensuing substantial profit.With a predictive dialer, contact centers are geared to drive sales while cutting costs, enhance agent efficiency, and deliver a better customer experience by connecting with the strongest leads at the times most convenient for the customer. Learn more about predictive dialer software solutions for the contact center.

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