Supporting Open CTI with a CRM Dialer

Business communication has long meant corresponding using standard desktop PCs; however, with advancements in virtualization and cloud-based functions, businesses are finding that it’s easier than ever before to go mobile, dealing with issues on their mobile phones and tablets. These advancements can do a great deal to assist the contact center.

Contact centers around the world are currently leveraging the power of the cloud to better share and store data and information, thus improving communication between co-workers and partners alike. Salesforce, a proud Vocalcom partner, has been working to make the deployment of CRM applications easier than ever with its Open CTI (computer telephony integration) technology, ensuring that companies avoid desktop adapters and communicate directly with by utilizing the market’s most powerful cloud solution.

The Importance of Open CTI

Before Open CTI, an application had to be installed on each user’s PC in order to ensure a smooth flow of communication, but with open CTI, this application is no longer needed. The advancement instead helps save call centers money, simplify maintenance concerns, reduce internal system complexity, and allow them to realize the value of a completely cloud-based solution.

Less Restrictions, More Time

For call centers both small and large, the ability to get work done without being chained to a desktop computer is a real game-changer. In today’s advancing economy, more employees are working from home and working while traveling. Salesforce.com’s Open CTI solution is something that we here at Vocalcom are extremely excited about. To learn more, click here.

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