Supporting Your Physical Contact Center with a Virtual Call Center

The recession is slowly but surely being put behind us and, as such, industries are beginning to thrive again. Businesses are booming, start-ups are springing into action, and your call center? Well, it’s operating at full capacity. Need a little elbow room but you have no place to put more people? Don’t call that commercial realtor just yet. Instead, consider a virtual call center.

With a virtual contact center solution, you can hire the extra staff you need when you need them, with no additional overhead. From temporary to permanent, full-time to part-time, seasonal, emergency or overnight staff—virtual agents work remotely, giving you the flexibility you need to handle the peaks and valleys in your business.

Operational challenges happen daily, and most times, without warning. As a response, a virtual solution can not only be deployed quickly, but, more importantly, will remain up and running despite any threat of downtime (such as if the electricity goes out in one of your facilities or if your building is in the path of a hurricane and you’ve had to evacuate). Remote employees can be anywhere near or far, in your current time zone or someone else’s. You can activate all your remote staff at one time, or a fraction of them. A virtual contact center can ensure you maintain business continuity no matter what the challenge.

With a virtual solution, employees can log in from anywhere and be monitored from a central location. Managers have the ability to re-route calls, update business rules and target the right call to the right staff member, for instance, assigning key accounts to the best agents.

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