Taking a Step Back Could Be Your First Step Toward Progress

The proliferation of mobile technology and interactive customer solutions has undeniably made the job of the call center easier. Contacting and interacting with customers is easy, managing accounts and customer history is simple, and a well-implemented call center application or solution can make the company’s side of the equation easy to navigate. However, in an age of countless solutions, there can be a tendency to supply both agents and customers with innumerable service options.

An abundance of choices can create its own problem, potentially turning a simple interaction into a jigsaw puzzle. In fact, several companies interviewed by Forrester Research revealed that they have over 100 mobile projects in development. With so many roads of possibilities in the works, keeping track of duplicated efforts, redundant procedures and missed opportunities becomes a potential productivity trap. A plethora of options may sound appealing from a customization point of view, but also can lead to forgetting that the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line.

Perhaps taking that first step is, in actuality, taking a step back to answer a few key questions:

What tools are available?

Call center software and CRM solutions are powerful systems, and fully understanding them will streamline their successful utilization.

What is the goal of this interaction?

In the simplest terms possible, figure out a possible starting point and what success looks like. Once these are established, the straight line can be drawn between them.

How are these interactions performed?

Along this straight line, what tools will be utilized? What actions will need to be taken to accomplish a specific task?

What systems are in place that already perform this action?

On the way from A to B, it is likely that there is a solution in place that can help address possible detours. For example, accessing customer history is important for both proactive maintenance and suggesting possible purchases. Why would two different historical accounts be needed?

To check out more about mobile technology and the mobile customer, click here to access Forrester’s whitepaper, “Great Mobile Experiences Are Built on Systems of Engagement.”

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