Taking the Pause Out of the Customer Call

Getting agents on the phone with customers quickly is a key goal of any organization with an outbound call center. And according to a recent study, that’s exactly what customers want, too.The research notes that the majority of consumers like to be contacted by telephone, and will even take calls from unknown numbers, provided the agent picks up quickly. However, some lower performing dialers can leave prospects hanging on the line too long, which, of course, results in a high number of hang-ups.Vocalcom offers a state-of-the-art predictive dialer solution that has a direct hand in reducing the “pause” in-between dial and pick-up time that is found in more generic solutions. As the trusted dialer choice of over 550,000 users, our technology is known to increase live contacts and sales by over 300 percent.The difference between our predictive dialer and the majority that are currently on the market is that our technology automatically filters out busy signals, disconnects, faxes and answering machines, maximizing agent talk time with only live prospects. Vocalcom’s predictive dialer technology can also leave automatic voice messages on answering machines and route inbound return calls to the same agent so that customers never have to wait or endure a state of stagnancy when on the phone.As the research shows, your customers want to hear from you, not from a machine. With Vocalcom, you know you’re providing your customers and prospects with the fastest, most efficient service. It can even help you win back customers who have defected or have been inactive by maximizing the number of customers reached and the time/day called.Your customers are busy. They want your agents – and the technology they’re utilizing – to get to the point. With Vocalcom, you can deliver a quality experience that keeps customers satisfied, while at the same time, driving revenue growth and lowering cost of sales. Click here to learn more about our world-renowned predictive dialer and hosted predictive dialer technology.

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