Telemarketing 101

As badly as children all around the world cringe upon hearing the words “back to school,” the time is more quickly approaching than we think. Here at Vocalcom, we believe it’s never a bad idea to continually hit the books and educate oneself on how the right technology can empower his or her business. So without further ado, sharpen those pencils and pull up a chair before the bell rings, because it’s time for “Telemarketing 101.”

If you’re looking to get your brand noticed, lock in customer loyalty and give your sales a boost, then telemarketing might just be your next best business strategy; however, many will jump into the telemarketing arena too hastily and, as a result, exhaust their time, resources and energy. Needless to say, it is absolutely necessary that you’re equipped with the knowledge and know-how it takes to get your telemarketing efforts off the ground.

While the first step is to research your telemarketing software options and invest in one that is powerful, reliable and complementary to your needs, the second step is to properly train your agents so that your business goals are effectively met. Here are two ways to ensure that your agents are acing the telemarketing test:

1.)    Do a little role playing: The best way to walk a mile in your telemarketing agents’ shoes is to pretend that you hold their responsibilities. Take on their role as an agent and have the employee draw on some real-life experiences for reenactment. This way, the agent will see exactly how even the most challenging scenario can be tactfully handled.

2.)    Quiz them on their technology: Do your agents know the type of technology that they are utilizing on a daily basis? Your staff should be frequently brushing up on key processes and technologies, especially as technology continues to advance and mature. For example, does your telemarketing software offer Callback options? This is the kind of technology that can inspire influential change for your customers, so make sure your agents are aware of everything they can bring to the table to enhance the customer experience.

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