Telemarketing Agents: We Need to Talk

The history of telemarketing includes more than a few scripted conversations. This seemed fine in the 1960’s, when interaction was either about talking in person or occasionally over the phone, but in 2013, people are constantly communicating over e-mail, text, Facebook message, Twitter direct message and a host of other options.

In fact, last year, 64 percent of B2B companies were utilizing social media. With that number continuously rising, customers have become accustomed to communicating with those who want to tell them things in a very informal, off the cuff manner. It’s time for your telemarketing pitch to adopt this new attitude.

Talk Like Normal People

Meet the customer Valerie. Valerie has had a long day at work and when she comes home, she sits on the couch to watch her favorite TV show from her DVR. But that’s when her phone rings. She answers it, and she’s pleasantly surprised to find herself comfortable with the conversational tone of the telemarketer on the other end of the line.

The two strike up a conversation about the latest season of the show she’s currently watching, which Valerie asks that the telemarketer not spoil for her, as she’s about to watch the latest episode. The agent assures Valerie that he wants her to get to her show as quickly as possible, but casually mentions his main reason for calling.

Quite frankly, Valerie is shocked that she’s enjoyed the report with the agent – especially seeing how casual and fun it was to speak with him. She decides to buy the product that is being sold, and the telemarketer sends Valerie on her way. The following week, Valerie’s ordered product arrives in the mail. She opens it up and, as she watches the next episode of her favorite program, fondly recalls her chat with the telemarketer.

It goes without saying that telemarketing agents aren’t going to become great friends with the potential customers whom they call; however, a pleasant, informal conversation is an ideal solution to the current scripted, forced tone of many telemarketing calls. Remember, the type of telemarketing software you invest in is just as important as the way it is utilized to connect with customers.

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