Telemarketing: Time to Get Personal

Have you ever answered a phone call from an unfamiliar number, only to have the person on the other end mispronounce your name?

Chances are your guard came up, and your interest level went down.

One of the most common reasons telemarketing calls fail is that they sound impersonal and are perceived to be nothing more than a hassle. Unfortunately, many gatekeepers —assistants or switchboard operators who answer calls —and decision-makers alike have negative preconceptions about telemarketers and are quick to dismiss them.

One way to avoid that negative bias is to highlight any previous interaction your company has had with a prospect, creating the impression of a pre-existing relationship. The idea is not to be evasive or disguise the nature of the call, but to simply give your representatives the tools to communicate effectively. With top-of-the-line telemarketing software, providing those tools is easier than ever.

For instance, by using customer relationship management (CRM) software, your business can instantly create new case records for initial calls as well as store any information—like the proper pronunciation of an executive’s name—about prospects all in one central system. With easy access to these records, your agents will have a complete understanding of the current state of a prospect’s relationship with your business.

If your company has already placed a call to a prospect and sensed some interest, your agent should be capitalizing on that interaction and trying to move towards a sale. If your only previous overture was made through e-mail, you’ll want your representative to move more slowly while still making note of the previous contact. The right software not only organizes all of this information, but it can also help you create a campaign script for your agents to confidently tackle various scenarios.

Effective telemarketing means providing call agents with structure while maintaining the flexibility to tailor each pitch to a prospect’s particular needs. So remember, if your business is looking for a boost in sales, don’t be a stranger.

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