The Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Contact Center

By definition, a hybrid is something that is formed by combining two things. However, we would take it one step further to say that a true hybrid is something that creates added value as a result of bringing together two invaluable items, as in 1 + 1 = 3. So, if you’re looking for ways to improve your call center ROI, what value do you think would come from combining an on-premise and cloud solution?Consider this hypothetical example. The Smith Company has one on-premise call center. It could use 10 additional seats, but the building, for which the company has four years left on its lease, is filled to capacity. Smith would also like to offer early and late service hours, but the building is not in a great neighborhood and no one wants to work after dark.Additionally, 20 percent of agents drive more than 45 minutes to work, and are often stuck in traffic. Meanwhile, 30 percent are mothers of small children who call out when their children are sick. Finally, the building is not convenient to any nearby deli’s, and agents only have a half an hour for lunch. So twice a week, the company pays the tab to have lunch brought in.But one day, the Smith Company installs a hybrid cloud contact center solution from Vocalcom and, and a result, implements a work-from-home program. All of its long-distance commuters and moms choose to work from home. The business then staggers employee hours and announces to its customers that it has extended morning and evening customer service.In just 30 days, Smith sees significant increases in on-time starting, productivity, morale, customer satisfaction and revenue from cross-selling and up-selling. Its cost per call, length of call, lunch expenses and even its electric bill has gone down. Even more, Smith has recruited two of its top competitors’ best agents who will work from home, where previously, the premises were too far away to be competitive.Now, wouldn’t you like to be Smith Company? Click here to find out more about Vocalcom’s hybrid cloud contact center solution.

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