The Benefits of a Native Predictive Dialer in Salesforce

When it comes to new technology, one of the more pressing issues can be finding a way to integrate new elements and components into your existing systems. With a native predictive dialer, such as that offered by Salesforce, the world’s largest CRM solutions provider, contact centers are able to experience the benefits of predictive dialing seamlessly and with no fuss. A few of the benefits include one-click voice messaging, e-mail, lead nurturing, fax, inbound and more.Salesforce.com already works to track key dial, talk time and contact metrics; by implementing a native predictive dialer solution, your contact center agents will now also be able to work as efficiently as possible, making the most effective calls and often closing more deals within 24 hours.Imagine the following scenario: your best contact center agent is feeling swamped with the various social media, e-mail, chat messaging and other modes of communication. When it comes down to making traditional phone calls, there simply isn’t enough time to go through the usual channels of waiting for calls to go through, leaving voice messages and the like.Similarly, the contact center manager has plenty on his or her plate without having to explain the new technology of the predictive dialer and attempting to implement it with current practices.The native predictive dialer truly offers the best of both worlds: you will be able to utilize the technology’s cost-saving benefits, as well as not have to worry about forcing unadoptable technology. Click here to learn more.

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