The Call Center Hiring Hunt is On

As one might imagine, the holiday season brings about great opportunities for those looking to shine in the call center industry. And, with the new Affordable Care Act taking off, positions for call center agents are not restricted to Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza fun. Let’s take a look at both of the reasons for an increase in call center hiring this fall.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for Call Centers

The holiday season is always a great time to find work in the call center industry. As the economy booms with holiday shopping, the need to answer questions and assist customer concerns exponentially increases throughout the fall and into the winter.

For those looking to become a call center agent (and for those looking to hire them) the time is now to begin sending out resumes (and quickly respond to quality prospects).

A ‘Health’-y Time for Call Centers

Call centers are becoming a vital component in the new Affordable Care Act rollout. Health insurance companies and government agencies require call center agents to help answer questions about the new health care exchanges, which opened for business on October 1.

With call center agents having a great deal of experience in answering questions and guiding consumers, they are an integral ingredient to securing the success of the Affordable Care Act’s implementation across the U.S.

Qualities of a Great Call Center Agent

Every call center is different, but a few qualities that are great for every agent to have include:

·         Great verbal and written skills

·         Ability to communicate efficiently and clearly over phone, e-mail, live video chat and via social media

·         A diplomatic demeanor and a good amount of patience

Now that we’ve got all of the bases covers, who’s ready to apply? And who’s ready to hire?

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