The Call Center is Here to Stay

When a customer has an urgent question or complaint, nothing is more irritating than reaching a voice recording, or in other words, being placed on hold. In fact, 79 percent of consumers prefer to speak to another person over the telephone over any other method of communication when trying to reach a customer service center.

For this reason, phone support is not going anywhere any time soon—even with the multitude of available connection options. It is for this reason that an organization should value every second it has with a customer over the telephone; however, that doesn’t mean call center managers shouldn’t be considering the plethora of advanced virtual call center applications available that complement traditional voice communication. 

For example, one of the most pressing issues facing call centers is the management of call volume. Lengthy wait times increase hang-ups and irritate consumers. So, the best way to combat this is to invest in a blended predictive dialer, which shuffles outbound agents back and forth from inbound and outbound calls depending on the volume.

Consumers, for that matter, hate wasting time. Therefore, if your call center does have a lengthy hold time, automatic callback is another way that you can reduce the chances of a hang-up. Automatic callback is a feature that puts the power of the conversation in the customer’s hands, as they can customize their availability to be called back. As one can imagine, this will seriously boost customer satisfaction, and in turn, profit.

At the end of the day, voice is still a prime choice for customers; however, it’s only when you combine this with more advanced methods of customer engagement that you secure a call center that is here to stay.

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