The Cloud Contact Center: Utilizing UCC

While the cloud contact center is great for providing agents and managers in disparaging locations access to information in an instant, it’s also vital for making sure that such information and data can be used to help expedite the consumer experience. Two tools that work in tandem with the cloud contact center to achieve these objectives are unified communications and collaboration (UCC).

UC in the Cloud

The cloud contact center is a great platform through which UC solutions can really shine. By giving agents and callers the ability to communicate through instant messaging, data sharing, video conferencing and unified messaging, consumers are able to have their issues addressed in a truly rapid manner. Moreover, the cloud allows managers to have access to all of the steps being taken by agents in real-time, enabling them to better identify and develop best practices for future interactions.

Collaboration in the Cloud

The cloud is making collaboration all the more accessible and easy-to-use for agents and managers alike. By utilizing information and particular data stored in the cloud, agents and managers are able to work together through Web sharing, audio and video conferencing, as well as a number of other communication methods that fall under UC.

By utilizing collaboration in the cloud, contact center team members are able to better communicate, ultimately leading to better management of content, as well as an increased control of workflow. So many companies (including your competitors) are taking advantage of these exciting opportunities within the cloud contact center realm – don’t be left behind.  

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