The Complexity of the Contact Center Customer Ecosystem

When it comes to customer service, getting it “right” feels like the easiest thing in the world. Just ask the customer what they want, surely. The problem with this approach, though, is that customers often have varying needs and priorities depending on their circumstances. Furthermore, customers have preferences in how they engage with contact center agents. While the emergence of the cloud contact center has brought about a host of multi-channel options for customer use, it also becomes a structural juggling act as contact centers continue to fine tune approaches, deploy resources and, generally, try to figure out what works best for the client.

The Issue of Churn

Vendor mergers and acquisitions in the customer service arena can sometimes leave contact center managers and decision makers wondering if certain support structures are stable. Not only this, but it gets their wheels turning as to whether new vendors can keep up with the changes in customer service planners. The cloud contact center is making this more manageable due to the fact that data and structures are most often handled digitally in the cloud, and mergers and acquisitions often lead to less internal hardware concerns than the pre-cloud days.

Delivery Service Methods

The cloud contact center and the managed services that come along with it are offering more scenarios than ever before regarding customer assistance; however, there can sometimes still be a problem with making sure than the various multi-channel facets of the service experience are correctly routed and that customers get the information and response they need as soon as possible.

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