The Cost of Losing Customer Satisfaction Without the Right Telemarketing Software

Successful telemarketing all depends on customer satisfaction. So, naturally, if your customers request to be on the “Do Not Call” list, you should immediately comply. Unfortunately, this leaves some telemarketing firms feeling as if they’re losing customers and, as a result, losing profit. What these individuals don’t realize, however, is that listening to their customers actually bolsters brand awareness and increases overall customer satisfaction. The following story will explain why.

Recently, residents of a Huntington Beach community were feeling that answering their landline was just a trap for becoming a telemarketer’s target. In fact, Dan Yeh has been on the federal government’s Do-Not-Call Registry for a very long time, and while that helped him steer clear of telemarketing calls for years, it seems as if telemarketers stopped listening to his “stop calling” request. Yeh started to receive about five or six calls per day, which occurred all throughout the week.

You may be wondering what prompted telemarketers to stop listening to their customers. Lois Greisman, associate director of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s division of marketing practices – which oversees enforcement of the Do-Not-Call list – explained that these calls are conducted by fraudsters who completely look past this critical customer privacy request. These calls are in part due to technological advances that make these calls easy and cost-efficient, which as a result, will not put a stop to robocalls in the near future.

"You can never stop anything 100 percent," said Greisman. "But the problem of spam has been substantially minimized by filtering technology. I’m hopeful that the same can happen with robocalls."

The lesson here: As a business manager looking to preserve your telemarketing firm’s credibility and reputability, you need to integrate telemarketing software that boasts 100 percent Do-Not-Call-List protection. Customers are growing increasingly frustrated when they are ignored; consider the right telemarketing software now to avoid the cost of unsatisfied customers later.

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