The Difference between Mobile and Web Engagement

When looking to create engaging mobile experiences with customers, it’s important to remember that the mobile and Web experience are not identical. Mobile un-tethers customers from a single location or device; they can be in their living room on their laptop one day, at a restaurant talking on their smartphone the next, and then using a store kiosk another day.


Sitting them down in front of a video or interactive content is no longer enough. Today’s customers crave solutions to real-world problems—for instance, a GPS that shows them how to get from the parking lot directly to your store, or instant connections, such as Kindle Fire’s new “Mayday” button. Press it and, within seconds, a service rep comes on screen and prompts the customer by saying, “How can I help you?”


When looking for ideas on how to improve the mobile experience for your customers, we suggest you un-tether yourself from the desk. Go out and follow the path that your customers follow and immerse yourself in their world. While out there, reach out to your customer service department with hypothetical situations that allow you to go beyond seeing how the interaction takes place, to feeling it. By standing in their shoes, ideas will come to light on how you can create amazing experiences.


Waiting in a lengthy hold pattern is no longer acceptable. Today’s customers live in an instantly downloadable world, and they expect the same type of responsiveness from customer service.


A hosted call center can help you maximize your efficiencies so you can focus on what’s most important: the customer. With a hosted call center, customers have the same reliable flexibility of reaching out to you via multiple channel – voice, text, chat, video and Web – but you can lower steep Capex costs while enjoying better uptime and productivity.


Empowered by hosted call center technology, you can prioritize mobile requests in the call queue, route them to mobile specialists, and offer to call customers back so that they never have to wait. With mobile in the mix, you are no longer running a traditional service center. Think from the customer’s point of view and you’ll be able to rewrite the rules of engagement to the benefit of every customer. 

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