The Effects of BYOD on Your Mobile Strategy

One of the hottest mobile trends today is BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. Gartner defines BYOD as “a disruptive phenomenon where employees bring non-company technology into the organization and demand to be connected to everything without proper accountability or oversight.” This includes smartphones, laptops and tablets.


Today, it’s likely that each member of your staff owns at least one personal mobile device, with some having as many as three or more. And, it’s also likely that they’re carrying their personal devices to work; however, the big question is: are they using those devices to help do their jobs?


With a user name and login, employees can remotely access their e-mail, the company intranet, the knowledge base, and even text and video chat if they have the proper programs. Sure, BYOD is most well-known in corporate working environments (i.e. enabling desk workers to become corridor or road warriors), but knowing the degree to which call center agents are or have attempted to use their own device to engage customers can have a definite effect on the direction of your mobile strategy and whether you include a BYOD component in it.


Allowing BYOD can benefit your call center in several ways, including reduced technology expenses and increased employee productivity and morale. Therefore, as you work toward making mobile core to your operations, whether you allow BYOD or not, it should be an item up for serious discussion.


One way you can help move forward with and manage BYOD is with a virtual call center solution. A virtual call center provides the flexibility of being channel agnostic, so customers can interact in the way that best suits them. Agents also want to interact with customers and with your company in a way that best suits them, especially virtual and at-home employees.


If your staff is most comfortable with the technology being implemented to get the job done, the job being done will be a stellar one. BYOD offers your customers a choice in how they want to be contacted, but gives your employees the choice of how they want to deliver service.


If you’re considering BYOD, also consider a virtual contact center solution—you’ll have the control you need while offering the flexibility employees want. It’s a win-win. 

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