The Extensive Uses of In-store Kiosks This Holiday Season

As the holidays roll around, more opportunities for just about everything customer related become available for companies eager to ramp up revenue. Shopping explodes this time of year, and so do all of the support functions that go along with it. When gathering ideas on how to deal with your enterprise’s specific needs, an answer is available that you might not have realized—the in-store kiosk.

The in-store kiosk is now more than just a way to facilitate quick and easy customer service – it’s a way to transform customer engagement. For example, by adding kiosks throughout a company’s entire store and making them an integrated part of the brand’s virtual call center, customers are empowered to self-serve themselves if desired. This frees up the sales associate to help another customer who may require more hands-on assistance, potentially locking in two sales with the help of only one employee.

In addition to just shopping and customer service, some companies are using in-store kiosks for hiring employees. Walmart, for example, has employed the use of in-store kiosks to help beef up staff for the busy holiday season. Hiring, by its nature, is an arduous task. In streamlining even the beginning part of the process, applications are both easier to submit as well as easier to weed through. By using analytics and computer assisted hiring programs, better candidates are that much easier to find and to streamline forward. This is especially important when your enterprise is anything like Walmart, who is expecting to add on 55,000 workers during the holiday season.

How else can your company embrace in-store kiosks this holiday season? Click here to check out Vocalcom’s in-store kiosk call center solutions.

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