The Future of Call Center Customer Service: Emotion-Analyzing Software

Sure, there are a ton of call center solutions being brought to market to better help managers gauge employee performance and bolster customer satisfaction; however, an all-new software is surfacing to the top as a true game-changer, representing ample potential for revolutionizing customer service as we see it today.

The company is called Beyond Verbal, and its name is pretty self-explanatory. Empowered by a unique algorithmic evaluation, the emotion analytics company is helping people understand and identify other peoples’ emotions based on the intonations of their words being spoken.

“It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it,” Dan Emodi, vice president for marketing at Beyond Verbal, told The New York Times back in October. “Listening to these patterns, we can allow machines for the first time to understand the emotional side of our communications.”

The overall goal for any call center agent is to remain transparent, allowing the customer to be fully heard, understood and appreciated. This type of software is thought to help skyrocket call center and other service companies’ efforts in doing so.

The Times puts it this way:

Call centers, for instance, can program their speech engines to search for specific words or phrases — like ‘This is the third time I have called in!’ or ‘I’ve been a loyal customer for 10 years!’ — which tend to be emotionally charged, indicating mounting consumer dissatisfaction.

Who knows what the future holds. Perhaps emotion will become just another metric being measured in the call center. Perhaps one futuristic day it will be the only metric that needs to be measured. Until then, modern day call center solutions will have to do.

To read the NYTimes article in full, click here.

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