The Government of Oman chooses our contact center software for its citizens

Oman Government Choose Vocalcom Contact Center Software

The government of Oman settled with our contact center software to provide a modern, innovative and consistent customer experience to its citizens.The PACP covers Customer Care, Hotline for citizens in Oman, integration with complaint management for customer feedback.Thanks to the contact center software powered by Vocalcom, the PACP go to multimedia citizens service, able to handle all channels: chat, email, sms, voice : inbound, predictive dialer, call back.Founded in 1996, Vocalcom offers advanced contact center software to operations of all sizes, having a customer base of over 600,000 users within 4,500 organisations across more than 40 countries.Vocalcom offers its All-In-One web-based contact center solution for modern customer service, designed from the ground up to maximize productivity and efficiency.The agent console is an intuitive interface that will let agents respond to all support channels, from phone to social media, from one place, allowing agents to work from anywhere on an worldwide unified platform that supports any communication channel.Oiur contact center software has been developped to handle universal queuing functionality to address the multichannel customer experience, focusing on the potential for agents to act as one group even though they may be spread across multiple locations and using different technology. Previously, companies looking to add email and web chat capabilities to their contact centre were forced to seek out an additional vendor or deploy additional software and hardware. Vocalcom’s All-In-One contact center software built around a universal queue, with skill-based routing of voice, email, social media and chat interactions. Agents can be assigned multiple interaction skills with several proficiency levels for each skill. With a strong background in outbound automation as well as inbound interaction handling, the contact center software supports inbound customer service and support, outbound sales and marketing, and automated blended operations to maximise employee productivity and deliver a superior customer experience.

Main PACP Functions:

  • Supervise the implementation of the Sultanate’s general policy on consumer protection in coordination with other government competent authorities.
  • Supervise the design of plans and programs necessary for consumer protection and the enhancement of such protection.
  • Conduct surveys and questionnaires on different market and consumer-related issues.
  • Continuously follow up, through market inspection, abidance by consumer protection rules and availability and quality of goods at reasonable prices.
  • Work for the promotion and development of market situation in order to provide the consumer with wider choice of products at lower prices.
  • Encourage the issue of consumer enlightenment magazines, booklets and pamphlets.
  • Collaborate with all the State units concerned with consumer protection, and liaise with them to streamline the Authority’s work and assist it in achieving its goals.
  • Prepare studies on market organization to prevent monopoly and encourage fair competition among merchants, in coordination with competent bodies.

Web link : http://pacp.gov.om

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