The Growth of Digital Customer Engagement is Undeniable

In case you haven’t heard, 2013 is the year of huge growth for digital customer engagement. In fact, some say that digital marketing has already experienced its greatest revelation this year. There are over 1 billion smartphone users on the planet today and new social media sites being developed faster than we change clothes – all opportunities to engage customers, establish relationships and lock in sales.

Your company should be feeding its appetite to leverage this growth, and as a result, establish a significant competitive advantage. Be one step ahead of your competitors by carefully planning your next move into this social foray.

Feeling a little bit lost? Don’t know where to start? Here are some stats to help you get a better idea:

  • 46 percent of online users rely on social media when making purchase decisions
  • Social media sees marketing leads that are almost twice that of trade shows, direct mail or pay per click (PPC)
  • 63 percent of companies say that posting “valuable content” on social media led to increased marketing effectiveness

The point here is that all of this leads to improved customer engagement – and an even greater opportunity to tap into the number of online users who are not yet enjoying digital engagement. Think of this as a 46 percent greater chance of securing online sales. Envision doubling your current profit. Imagine increasing brand awareness and traffic by 63 percent.

As a provider of disruptive and transformative virtual call center software and disruptive, digital customer service solutions, we at Vocalcom are eager to track the continued growth of this already flourishing space! What are your thoughts on the state of digital marketing and customer engagement?

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