The Importance of BYOD Security for Virtual Call Center Agents

As mobility rises in the customer service arena, call center managers need to keep both their mobile customers and employees satisfied with easy-to use, integrated solutions and applications. This is especially true in the case of the virtual call center, where the practice of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) continues to trend. Though this option opens up freedom for employees to work from anywhere and can cut down on company costs, it also opens up some security issues where sensitive company information is concerned. So, how do you effectively approach and balance the two?

BYOD has become a widespread practice among companies mainly due to its ease of use. It incorporates a familiarity into the life of the virtual call center, enabling his or her workload to be that much easier. It’s no surprise, then that close to one-third of companies practice BYOD, according to Infonetics.

However, this removes the traditional safeguards that a company can employ when providing agents with company equipment; the market research firm further estimates that one million harmful Android applications will present a threat to companies this year alone.

Needless to say, mobile security options for virtual call centers are not just an optional comfort blanket anymore, but a necessity of doing business safely. Partaking in the BYOD movement isn’t a fad, either; it is a trend that is increasing. Enterprises that are adopting the use of tablets, for instance, are growing by almost 50 percent per year. This – combined with the increased adoption of cloud computing – enables virtual workers to be completely integrated into the company they work with. At the same time though, your BYOD approach is only as strong as its protection against potential failovers and disruptions.

By investing in robust mobile security solutions, a company can protect itself from intrusion while proceeding to evolve with the ever-increasing mobile nature of doing business. 

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