The Importance of Connected Devices in the Call Center

Just a few years ago, a connected device seemed to refer to when something was plugged into the wall. Today, it’s difficult to keep track of all the different ways that devices can connect to one another. From desktops to laptops and smartphones to tablets, it is predicted that 15 billion digital devices will be connected by 2020. This connectivity can be a great benefit to call center agents, as call center applications are advancing with new ways to help customers through as many connected devices as possible.

Here’s an ideal scenario in which an agent can help a customer through a number of different connected devices: The customer, Joe, is driving home and decides to dial your call center. An agent responds and talks to Joe about his question, but a visual explanation would be more helpful for Joe’s particular situation. He parks his car, and connects with the agent on his 4G tablet, taking his dog for a walk while he video conferences with the call center agent. Once inside his home, Joe prefers the full screen experience of this interaction, and so he transfers the interaction yet again to his desktop.

While every call center agent hopes to assist consumers in the most efficient manner possible, oftentimes, a situation can be resolved more quickly by moving between devices. After all, the vast majority of today’s consumers typically have at least two Internet-connected devices.

As the connectivity of digital devices continues to improve and expand, it is exciting to consider all the ways that call center applications will be able to address these growing concerns and deliver the excellent service that customers have come to expect, regardless of the channel.

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