The Importance of Doing Customer Satisfaction Surveys the Right Way

Customer surveys can be a great tool to gain valuable insight into your customers needs. When done correctly, they can become a critical part of your call center’s success; however, there’s a right way and a wrong way to create a customer satisfaction survey. In order to do so, there are certain tried and true tips you must follow.

Determine a Clear Objective

You can’t accurately measure or achieve success if you don’t set an objective or goal. Ensure that you have a specific objective set in place and use it to build detailed questions. Your goal can be as simple as measuring call quality or customer satisfaction. 

Keeping It Simple and Short

Research has found that surveys with too many questions tend to garner inaccurate answers from respondents; while others simply give up if the survey is too long. Avoid asking more than three or four questions and keep the questions direct.

Keep it Relevant

This brings us into our next tip. Always keep survey questions relevant to the context in which the question asks. For example, if you’re asking customers about their experience with call center agents, don’t ask how they feel about your live chat features. This will only complicate the survey and turn customers away.

Give Feedback

Thank your customers for taking the time to complete your survey. Give them insight as to why you are interested in what they have to say. Are you launching a new product? Are you working to improve customer service? Explain your reasoning – your customers will appreciate the transparency.

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