The Importance of Eliminating Hold Time Now

One of the challenges in running any contact center is making sure that the location is sufficiently and intelligently staffed. It’s not just about having the right number of physical agents on premises, but also about giving them the market’s most robust telemarketing software and tools to keep business operations smoothly flowing.

Web, mobile and in-call virtual queuing capabilities empower otherwise standard telemarketing software so that customers can be quickly placed with the correct agent to handle any concern – from emergency to every day. Among the features of virtual queuing and the advanced ways that customers can reach out to you include:

Scheduled Callbacks

Rather than remaining on hold for any number of minutes, scheduled call backs offer customers the ability to get on with their day, speaking to a live agent over the phone without having to wait on hold for one more second.

Web, Social Networks and Mobile App Solutions

The days of calling a single number in order to solve a problem are over. Customers who prefer to send an e-mail, discuss an issue through Twitter or Facebook, use a mobile app or even engage in a live chat session have the ability to do just that in the new virtually connected contact center.

Given the fact that average person will spend 1.2 years on hold waiting for a call in a lifetime, the need to eliminate hold time with advanced telemarketing software holds more precedent than ever.

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