The Importance of Giving the Customer a Voice

Oftentimes, customers think that their comments go unheard – filtered to some dark, lost and frightening place – because they don’t know when a company has incorporated their feedback. It can be difficult to assure customers that their helpful suggestions for improvement to your products, services and more have been carefully and thoroughly considered. Of course, this is where heightened communication in the call center becomes integral.Letting your customers know that they had something to do with the evolution and overall improvement of your business is critical to establishing long-term relationships with them. If your customer feels as though he or she was acknowledged – regardless of whether or not you incorporated the suggestion into your business – the individual will inevitably be more inclined to do repeat business with you.There’s a multitude of ways in which companies can let their customers know that their voices are being heard loud and clear. For example, be part of the 30 percent of companies who don’t ignore their customers on Twitter. Or, invest in hosted call center, which – hosted by a third-party vendor – can easily support communication channels that enable customers to leverage the types of advanced call center features they prefer best.Giving customer feedback through voice, text-based media types like e-mail and chat, and social media empowers your customer. In fact, the more channels the better. Remember, it’s important to have seamless integration between these methods of contact to prevent losing your conversation’s progress. Managing all customer interactions via one single user interface is vital to supporting this.At the end of the day, the more transparent and communicative your business is, the more profitable it will undoubtedly become.

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