The Importance of Hiring the Best Call Center Agents

There are a number of factors in the hiring of any call center agent. While certain traits are always more vital than others and need to be brought to light, others need to be sussed out in the interview process to allow call center managers to choose agents who are most adaptable to the varying needs of consumers.

Let’s take a look at some issues that can be addressed during the interview process in an effort to hire the best call center agents possible (especially with the bustling holiday hiring season in full swing!)

What’s the Interview Process Been Like So Far?

By the time any call center applicant deals with the manager directly, there’s a good chance that they’ve spoken to other gatekeepers along the way. Ask each applicant to describe the experience thus far. If candidates lack the ability to describe how their personal journey to speaking with you has come about, the chances that they will be able to remember the steps taken with individual consumers are, unfortunately, fairly slim.

How Do You Respond When You Don’t Know the Answer to a Question?

While it would be ideal if every call center agent had an answer to each question as it arose, there will often be gaps in one’s knowledge. What’s important is that the agent knows the most efficient way to get the caller the information he or she requires as quickly as possible without giving any indication that there may be some confusion.

Give an Example of How to Turn a Consumer’s Unhappiness into Joy

In any interview process, it is vital that your potential agent knows how to turn around an awful situation and leave customers feeling not only like they’ve received the information they required, but that they wouldn’t mind hopping on the phone with that agent again in the future.

This is a good jumping off point for the interviewing process. What are some of the key elements that you look for when interviewing potential call center agents? If you’re currently amidst a hiring hunt, good luck!

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