The Importance of Mobile Engagement in Developing Customer Relations

Increasing visibility and improving relationships is all about active engagement, which can be difficult in a world where the customer is constantly on the move. Thankfully, rapidly evolving technology has made this effort easier in this always-on, always-connected world. This is where an enterprise should practice mobile engagement, understanding that reaching out is as important, if not more, than being ready when contacted. For the call center manager, this translates into developing proactive and interactive call center applications and services that address three areas of essential engagement:

1.       Anticipating Customer Needs

When empowered with the right call center software – software that boasts mobile customer support and engagement – companies have the ability to track any mobile customer’s interaction history and needs. By actively engaging with the needs of a customer that are foreseeable, the customer is more likely to engage when unforeseeable issues occur.

2.       Assisting Customer Action

Important to the implementation of mobile engagement is understanding that it can be a combination of both a digital relationship and a tangible one. A smartphone’s map service is a good example of this, providing both online information and physical instructions. If a company provides a service that requires updating and/or servicing, creating an app or service that doesn’t just anticipate a potential need, but also walks a customer through the necessary actions, can create a reassured and self-sufficient customer.

3.       Inquiring About Experience

Asking for feedback may seem too simple or tedious, but doing it in a way that is adaptive and addresses the most current customer experience will be both timely and helpful to both parties. Leaving impersonal and catch-all feedback forms behind and integrating a targeted, simple response system that follows up on app experiences will lead to more usable and easy to implement feedback.

To check out more about mobile technology and the mobile customer, click here to access Forrester’s whitepaper, “Great Mobile Experiences Are Built on Systems of Engagement.”

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