The Importance of Social Technology in the Call Center

One of the biggest game-changes in the call center world has been the rise of social technology. These changes facilitate consumers in not just dealing with specific issues and concerns, but also in allowing them to interact with conversations about a company’s product offerings, future developments in technology, and next steps from year to year.

The ability to build relationships with consumers through discussions on Twitter and Facebook cannot be overemphasized. Let’s take a look at best practices for interacting on the two biggest social media networks, Twitter and Facebook.

Look before You Leap (and Follow)

There is a temptation to follow as many accounts as possible when joining Twitter. Every new account followed is a new potential customer, right?

That may not be the case. When a Twitter user is debating whether or not to follow your company, he or she will often take a look at the number of accounts that are following you. If you are a true thought leader in your industry, wouldn’t everyone want to follow you?

Become a Leader on Twitter

Think long and hard about the value that is being added to the general social conversation with each tweet that you send out. Is it just a promotional push? People will see through that. Offer up content that is worthwhile, interact with consumers consistently, and your number of followers will grow.

Fan vs. Friend Page?

While there are certainly benefits to being able to “friend” customers, a fan page is widely considered the only professional way to go for your business. Allowing customers the ability to “Like” your page and comment on your posts puts you in a position of influence: They come to you. They may be coming to you with an issue that needs resolution, in which case, the fluidity and speed of social media will be just the thing to keep your customers happy.

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