The Importance of Supporting Self-Service

Call center managers should be on the hunt for advanced interactive voice response (IVR) support in their call center software because so much of a customer’s experience is handled by the customers themselves. While on the surface this may appear to be a cold business move, research shows that utilizing IVR technology has become the preference of many clients. In fact, in the last five years alone, research has shown that the number of customers who prefer to use IVR solutions has doubled.

Interactive voice recognition, in its most simple form, utilizes prerecorded voice menus and interacts with an enterprise’s customer base by the use of touch tone controls. In its advanced stages, an IVR service can be even more interactive with customers, including the integration of voice recognition, translating text into speech and properly routing calls to the necessary destinations.

According to Gartner, customers will be managing 85 percent of their enterprise relationships using no human interaction. This alone highlights the importance of a fully realized IVR solution.

Supporting this service in an enterprise’s call center is not only important as a client choice that matches a growing preference, but it benefits the enterprise itself in multiple ways. It frees agents to be more personal and productive, cutting the overall overhead of running the call center.

A robust IVR software solution can streamline customer interactions. It requires the use of fewer live call center agents and it frees staff from personally dealing with issues that are simple transactions. In turn, complex issues that necessitate personal interaction can be more efficiently handled.

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