The Importance of Survival Technologies in Customer Service

Perhaps the most important cornerstone of a functional and effective cloud contact center is the customer care aspect of the enterprise. After all, without properly serving the customer, there would be no contact center to manage in the first place.

Thinking critically about this aspect of any business is necessary, just as the process of breaking the idea down into smaller, more manageable aspects is. These smaller aspects or phases can be analyzed in an effective way to look at the bigger, more cohesive picture. In fact, in a recent blog series, Forrester Research breaks down the main technologies that go into customer service, placing them into four specific phases, the first of which is survival technologies.

According to Forrester, survival technologies are technologies that focus on the idea of helping the customer to exist within the company’s ecosystem. These technologies can include mobile customer service, social customer service, virtual assistants, feedback management and co-browsing.

As a whole, these technologies are not widely implemented, with the main reason being the difficulty of effectively maintaining them. Some of these survival technologies – like co-browsing and virtual assistants – enable agents to partake in live interactions with customers, allowing customers to confidently engage with a network of associates that are active around the clock. Co-browsing, for example, requires the ability of multiple people to have access to the same Web information at the same time.

However, the importance of these technologies is slowly but surely being recognized, which is contributing to its rise in adoption and implementation rates. These solutions have the ability to give real-time information and interaction with customers, possibly increasing the possibility of a single-interaction resolution. At the end of the day, survival technologies have had successful commercial applications, and are expected to have an increased adoption in the coming years.

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