The Importance of Tailoring Cross-Platform Consistency

For years, enterprises been abandoning the traditional brick and mortar setup and extending their service to include more than the telephone. Today, businesses exist across multiple channels and can provide multiple experiences. Now, the many unique faces of a business – brick and mortar, telephone, Internet and mobile – can co-exist. The importance of all of these platforms seamlessly and effectively working together cannot be understated.  

There are many routes that your contact center can take to reach the end goal of delivering exemplary customer service. The important thing is to make sure that your path involves not only a strategy of presenting consistent faces across all channels of business—an omni-channel approach—but to fine tune this and develop specific points of contact and interactions that align with client needs.

Doing this means putting the customer first and taking an objective look at the face that the company presents to the customer. How are customers dealt with on individual channels of communication and service, and how does each of these channels work separately? After establishing these metrics on an individual front, it is necessary to turn these into a cohesive vision and singular projection of the enterprise. This has everything to do with both serving the customer and developing a specific brand image. This is especially important to consider when an enterprise hopes to address a variety of industries.

This is something that Vocalcom has successfully implemented and, as is necessary, is constantly fine-tuning. As Vocalcom works with a variety of clients – from fast food to teleservices to energy companies – we make sure that each and every service we offer works from a variety of platforms to meet a variety of different needs.

Don’t you think it’s about time to recognize your organization’s cross-platform needs? Whether it’s the need for excellent call center applications across a variety of channels, an all-in-one contact center solution or establishing multi-channel touchpoints, Vocalcom empowers clients with technology that provides the right service at the right time.

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