The Key to Increasing Customer Loyalty

When it comes to retaining customer loyalty, a number of factors must be considered. In fact, an Accenture Seamless Retail Study found that almost half of surveyed consumers believe retailers need to improve integrating the store, online and mobile shopping experience. The study further found that when it comes to encouraging customer loyalty, understanding and determining what exactly prompts a customer to make a purchase in the first place is integral. More specifically, three main factors were found to influence a customer’s purchasing decision:

·         Best price

·         Shipping costs

·         Quick-and-easy payments

In terms of providing multi-channel support, the right call center software should prompt consumers to not only visit the company’s site and use its product, but encourage them to visit again because of the ease and efficiency that was available (as products and information are typically more easily accessible through more than one channel).

For instance, consumers will have different expectations depending on the channel used to communicate with a company or to purchase their product. The study found that 91 percent of consumers think that shopping at an actual physical location is rather easy; however, only 32 percent of customers experience this sentiment and perspective when shopping via a mobile device.

This is an excellent example of how multi-channel communications systems help produce high levels of customer loyalty. Just like consumers have varying expectations when it comes to their shopping experience, the same holds true for their perspective on customer service. While a majority of customers might be satisfied with a phone conversation, others might prefer Web chat or submitting their concerns via e-mail. In order to establish a stable foundation of customer loyalty, companies must strive to embrace the different preferences and comfort levels consumers possess towards different communication channels. Do so, and you’ll have found the key to establishing and maintaining the wide base of customer loyalty that you desire.

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