The Need for Predictive Dialer Services to Be Top-Notch

Predictive dialers have changed the game for many contact centers and telemarketing firms, freeing up businesses to focus on core competencies and scale to new heights. The question, though, becomes: Is your predictive or hosted predictive dialer of the highest quality?A low-grade predictive dialer system can lead to an increase in pause time, causing customers to grow frustrated and possibly hang up.Don’t believe us? In a study of 2,034 U.S. adults conducted by Harris Interactive, this infamous “predictive dialer pause” was found to be the reason that nearly half (49 percent) of consumers hang up. The same research, though, suggests that customers are not against the idea of being reached by your agents, with 87 percent of respondents noting that they will answer calls from unfamiliar numbers.With Vocalcom’s high-quality predictive dialer, however, companies have been able to increase their live contacts and sales by up to 300 percent. The difference between a great predictive dialer and a not-so-great service can make all of the difference. Why wouldn’t a contact center or telemarketing firm want to utilize the most robust predictive dialer software on the market today, used across a plethora of industries to drive revenue growth and lower cost-of-sales?When Do People Like Being Contacted by Phone?While our multi-channel world continues to grow with e-mail, social media, Web chat and other methods of communication, it’s still worth taking a look at the times when customers do prefer to be contacted by phone:·         65 percent want to be contacted via phone about fraudulent activity on their account·         53 percent would like a phone call about setting appointments or reminders·         51 percent like to be notified about an order they placedRemember, for every tech-savvy customer out there who uses more than one communication channel, there’s three who are still convinced that the phone is most reliable. Make sure that you’re catering to this more traditional clientele.

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