The Numbers Don’t Lie: Hosted Unified Communications is Defining the Contact Center

It is undeniable: Every company today is challenged with the balancing act of keeping business efficiency uncompromised while satisfying budget constraints or limitations. This is especially true for smaller companies that may not have access to the expendable finances or resources that larger enterprises enjoy. Throw an economic downturn in the mix and you’d assume business investments would follow suit, right?

Not when it comes to the hosted unified communications market.

The hosted unified communications market – involving services and/or solutions offering voice, messaging, presence, mobility and more that is separately managed by a third party vendor and accessible via one single interface – has been poised to experience substantial growth. According to hosted unified communications 2010-2014 market report, the hosted UC market will grow from $2.8 billion back in 2010 to $5.5 billion by next year in 2014.

Why should you be interested in this information? Because it signifies huge growth in the hosted call center market.

In fact, Frost & Sullivan recently reported that because of the growing ubiquity of hosted unified communications, the hosted call center market will see notable expansion. This will be especially seen in North America, where the hosted contact center market is being projected to reach $1.5 billion in revenue by 2015.

According to Frost & Sullivan Strategic Analyst Michael DeSalles, “Despite the economic downturn, market participants have had tremendous success with hosted deployments for new and existing clients. Hosted technology providers offer a compelling set of financial and business benefits to a demanding client base.”

As a hosted call center solutions provider, we at Vocalcom are very excited to see how this space continues to grow in the near future. Where do you see the industry going? Let us know!

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